Leonard Nimoy Albums

A fond salute to the Enterprising spirit of Leonard Nimoy

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth" may have been bad but at least it was better than William Shatner's singing.

These were produced in the post-DOT years, although the Golden Throats Albums from RHINO are all taken from those earlier albums.

Even though Nimoy had nothing to do with the music and recording I just HAD to add the alternate video of Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song"

Mutual Radio Theater

Leonard Nimoy hosts The Friday Adventure


Golden Throats

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Golden Throats II

Golden Throats III

Whales Alive!

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The Silver Lining

The Mysterious Golem of Prague

OHRADIO Producers of Jewish Media Projects Greater than ever as an audio CD. Re-live the true story of the Maharal of Prague and his creation of the half-man, half-demon ... the Golem This audio CD makes the imagination soar. Stunning sound effects, rich musical scoring and brilliant actors starring Leonard Nimoy, bring the Golem Story together as a spellbinding sound experience. This is a unique offering. Originally produced under the title The Mysterious Golem, this record was a successful cassette tape, but has not been marketed for ten years. It has now been digitally remastered with new sound effects and music scoring, to produce spine-tingling digital stereo. The results are truly amazing. The CD is accompanied by a four page booklet.

Click here to hear the exerpt of the creation of the Golem from the Mysterious Golem of Prague CD with Real Audio.

The original LP version

Hear Nimoy introduce the Series

In The Mail Coach

by I.L. Peretz, read by Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy reads "Dreyfus in Kassrilevke"
Hear Nimoy read Shprintse
Hear Nimoy introduce King Solomon, read by William Shatner.

The Birthday of the World, Music and Traditions of the High Holy Days

The Birthday of the World, Music and Traditions of the High Holy Days Part II

Taste of Eternity

Taste of Eternity Part II

Souls on Fire Oratorio

Chanukkah in Story and Song

Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction: The Gold Collection

Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction: The Gold Collection

Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates Magnivision

In Search Of...

Halley's Comet: Once In a Lifetime

Voice Tracks, US Marine Corps Toys for Tots

Symphonic Star Trek CD

A Compilation CD containing some of the best music from the 4 Star Trek Series, as well as the Star Trek films. Performed by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Intro by LEONARD NIMOY. CD has full digital 20 Bit SURROUND SOUND stereo music with sound effects.
  • 1. Into the Final Frontier
  • 2. Main theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • 3. Warp One
  • 4. End Title from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • 5. The Destruction of Praxis and Aftermath
  • 6. Main Theme from Star Trek: Voyager
  • 7. Starship Flyby
  • 8. Main Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • 9. Alien Probe
  • 10. Humpback Whale Song
  • 11. Main title from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • 12. Main Theme from Star Trek: The Original Series
  • 13. Tribble Trouble!
  • 14. Suite from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:
    a) Main Title
    b) Epilogue
    c) End Credits
  • 17. Bird of Prey Decloaking
  • 18. "The Klingon Battle" from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • 19. Main Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • 20. Warp Eight
  • 21. "A Busy Man" from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • 22. Genesis Project: The Creation and evolution of GENESIS
  • 23. Suite from The Menagerie
  • 24. Transporter
  • 25. Main Theme from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • 26. Nexus Energy Ribbon
  • 27. End Title from Star Trek: Generations
  • 28. The Borg

    28 TRACKS - over 72 minutes of music from the films and television series.

  • Cystic Fibrosis PSA1974-75

    Christmas Seal Campaign 1974

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