A fond salute to the Enterprising spirit of Leonard Nimoy

You used to find this kind of stuff hidden away in the "Spoken Word" section of your local record store.
Now you get cassettes or sometimes CDs to play in your car since no one reads anymore.
For those who are interested in the modern field of books on tape I give you this section.

Leonard Nimoy
Audiobooks & Spoken Word

War of the Worlds

The Illustrated Man

The Martian Chronicles

The Green Hills Of Earth & Gentlemen, Be Seated

You & I and Will I Think of You

Boy Scouts of America

I Am Spock

Science Fiction Soundbook

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics



The Mysterious Golem of Prague

Written, produced, and directed by Simcha Gottlieb & Chaim Clorfene.

GET OFF Anti-drug LP issued by the National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers,1973. This LP is sealed and the artists are not listed on the cover, but it is cataloged as containing contributions/anti-drug messages from William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek as well as Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, Ravi Shankar, Harry Chapin, B.B.King and others.

Mutual Radio Theatre Adventure aired Fridays on regular radio broadcasts hosted by Leonard Nimoy. These LPs were produced for radio stations and were supposed to be destroyed after broadcast and so are very rare.

Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish at the 92nd Street Y

Some of America's most prominent Jewish entertainers talk about their Jewish identity (or lack of one) in a panel discussion at New York's 92nd Street Y. Speakers include Jason Alexander, Leonard Nimoy, and Kyra Sedgwick. These are just some of the personalities featured in the new book Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish by Abigail Pogrebin. This event took place on November 16, 2005.

Selected Shorts: The Man Who Liked Dickens

A dark, vintage Evelyn Waugh tickler about a stranded jungle explorer forced to read Dickens aloud. Selected Shorts is a weekly public radio show broadcast on over 130 stations to about 300,000 listeners. It is produced by Symphony Space and WNYC Radio and distributed by Public Radio International. The radio show is recorded live at the popular New York City stage show which began in 1985 and still enjoys sell-out audiences today at the Peter Sharp Theater at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th Street in New York City. Selected Shorts is one of the premiere reading series in New York City. The Selected Shorts podcast consistently ranks as one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. Also included with the collection "Selected Shorts: Readers & Writers"

Too Young for Yiddish

Aaron loves his grandfather very much, even if he is a little bit embarrassed by Zayde's funny accent and the way he waves his arms when he talks. Aaron longs to read his grandfather's treasured books, but when he asks to learn Yiddish, the language Zayde spoke in the Old Country, Zayde refuses. In America, Aaron is told, Jews should speak and read English just like everyone else.

As the years pass, Zayde grows old, and Aaron grows up. It isn't until Zayde himself abandons his heritage that they both realize the importance of preserving their family history and culture. Aaron and Zayde's bond grows even deeper as they realize you're never too young-or too old-for Yiddish.

An author's note about the Yiddish language as well as a glossary and pronunciation guide of Yiddish terms are included.

Mutual Radio Theater

Need proof that Radio Drama is timeless and can capture a modern, more sophisticated audience as well as classic shows did in the early 20th Century? The Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 1 is definitely evidence of that.

The Mutual Radio Theater aired every weeknight on hundreds of Mutual stations March-December 1980, 103 original one-hour shows being produced. This program was no small attempt to recapture the glory days of Old Time Radio by any means. It was reported to have a budget of several million dollars and involved talent that definitely was worth every penny spent.

Each program was written specifically for radio, including scripts penned by such radio legends as Arch Oboler, Norman, Corwin, and Elliot Lewis. And the stories themselves ranged the genre gambit.

As a matter of fact, Mutual Radio Theater's commitment to variety is clearly evident in how each night's program was dedicated to a certain genre and hosted by a different notable performer. Lorne Greene hosted Western Night on Monday. Andy Griffith followed on Tuesday with Comedy Night. Wednesday Night was Mystery Night hosted by Vincent Price. Love & Hate took center stage on Thursday, hosted by Cicely Tyson. Friday Night was Adventure Night with Leonard Nimoy as host.

Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 1 is a 20 Audio CD set consisting of programs as they originally aired, complete and uncut, with original commercials, and produced in full stereo-high fidelity. Thrills, chills, laughs, tears, and more. Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 1 has it all with star power!

Simon & Schuster Audioworks

Alien Voices

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