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"Maiden Wine"

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Ya know, people make fun of Leonard Nimoy's recording career. OK, so he wasn't the greatest singer in the world but he has recorded more albums than the Beatles. I get tired of him being put down. Sure it's easy to scoff but he worked hard at recording these works. In recent years he has actually made some very good albums, distanced from the "pop variety" he made in the 60's & 70's. As you read through the reviews you might notice some of the DOT Reviews are less-than-kind. Well, let's face it, the albums were pretty bad. I saved William Blakney's original reviews and have only added to them, so the tone can be a little harsh.

As I've said to many who have written to critisize the reviews, Hey if we can't make fun of our heroes who can we make fun of?

Enjoy the site.


Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space

Visit to a Sad Planet & Star Trek Theme

Beyond Antares & Visit to a Sad Planet

Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

This album includes the infamous "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" and we have the video to prove it!

Leonard Nimoy The Way I Feel

Please Don't Try To Change My Mind

I'd Love Making Love To You

Here We Go 'Round Again



If I Had a Hammer

If I Had a Hammer & Sunny

The Touch of Leonard Nimoy

The New World of Leonard Nimoy
Time To Get It Together

Leonard Nimoy

Outer Space/Inner Mind

Leonard Nimoy Space Odyssey

The Best of Leonard Nimoy

Butterscotch Kisses

The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy

Voices of VISTA William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Three radio shows on CD (originally distributed to radio stations on LPs) Back in 1968 Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner appeared on a radio series called "Voices of VISTA." Distributed free to radio stations, the series promoted "Volunteers In Service To America," an agency that placed volunteers in low income areas for a year. The radio shows were designed to explain what the VISTA mission was and how to apply for the program.

During the time these shows were produced both Shatner and Nimoy had released record albums of their singing.

Here are the contents of the three shows available on this CD:

VISTA #146 - Leonard Nimoy
Songs by Nimoy:

I'd Love Making Love to You
Here We Go Round Again
If I Had a Hammer

Nimoy also discusses his acting career, earlier albums and signing up for "Star Trek"

VISTA #147 - William Shatner #1
Songs by Shatner:

Hamlet/It Was a Very Good Year
The Transformed Man

Shatner also discusses his early acting career in Canada and New York

VISTA #148 - William Shatner #2
Songs by Shatner:

Henry V/Elegy for the Brave
No Thank You by Cyrano de Bergerac/Mr. Tambourine Man

Shatner also discusses his signing for "Star Trek" and his earlier series "For the People"

Each show is approximately 24 minutes long.

Get Off

Performer(s): Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Phil Ochs, Ravi Shankar, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek, Loudon Wainright III, Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Wolfman Jack, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas, Robert Lamm of Chicago, Alice Cooper, Judy Collins, Jim Croce, Pat Simmons and Tiran Porter of the Doobie Brothers, Dr. John, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Burton Cummings of Guess Who, B.B. King, Al Kppoer, Loggins & Messina, John McLaughlin, and several others .

Pressed by MCA for National Association of Progressive Radio Announcers STEREO Promo-Only LP .

Comments: Promo-Only 1973 LP utilizing celebrity spots. From the inside gatefold liner: "Music is a life force. These celebrities and the members of the National Associtation of Progressive Radio Announcers proudly offer this collection fo Public Awareness Announcements for radio, in the hope that someone, somewhere, will stop and think." Several artists sing original short tunes, including Sha Na Na, Stevie Wonder and Phil Ochs, Star Trek crew is in character, Nimoy: ‘as a Vulcan, I find the use of hard drugs highly illogical.’

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service LP Armed Forces Radio & Television Service: Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outerspace

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service LP Armed Forces Radio & Television Service: The Way I Feel

Highly Illogical  Not Officially a DOT Album but it is a rerelease.

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You Are Not Alone  Not officially a DOT Album but it was a rerelease


Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner  Not officially a DOT Album but it was a rerelease

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