I Am Spock



   Leonard Nimoy, best known as the actor who created the beloved character of Mr. Spock, gives listeners a full behind-the-scenes look at Star Trek. This is an intelligent and insightful look at Nimoy's career, and his relationship with his co-stars.

       Loaded with amusing and informative, behind-the-scenes Star Trek anecdotes, the long-awaited memoir of Leonard Nimoy is sure to be the "logical" hit of the season! This intelligently written autobiography recounts the events of Nimoy's 30-year career, and offers a fascinating look at an actor's relationship to a character of mythic proportions and mammoth appeal.

       The long-awaited memoir by the actor behind the most beloved behind the most beloved character from the Star Trek universe--Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock. From the first incarnations of the character through Nimoy's triumphant appearance on a special episode of The Next Generation, this memoir gives a faaascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of a phenomenon--and the creation of a legendary character.

       Years ago Nimoy's I Am Not Spock asserted his self-identity: this provides a contrasting memoir of his career and his changed relationship with his alter-ego Spock and the Star Trek craze which transformed his life. Plenty of personal insights will delight any Trek fan.

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