Y2K Family Survival Guide

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She was one of the producers of this Leonard Nimoy video. At midnight on December 31, 1999, due to a serious lack of forethought beginning decades ago, an unknown number of computer programs and microchips will revert back to January 1, 1900, causing personal, business, government and military systems all over the world to fail. Even a five percent failure on a global scale will cause massive individual and societal chain reactions regarding access to electricity, water, food, gasoline, transportation and all forms of money.

The Y2K Family Survival Guide video is specifically designed to help you get ready for the local, national and international effects that may significantly impact the lives of your family, your community and your nation. All essentials are covered in this video, from how the Y2K dilemma began to what may happen after December 31, 1999, to what the average person can do now to survive short inconveniences or a long catastrophe.

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