Take Out

Chase plays a Bluesy Jazz Singer named Nicole Blu in this comedy from Seth Landau. Trivia fans should note that the film also stars Daniel Schweiger who played Schweiger in "Free Enterprise" which also featured Chase. Post-production was completed during the summer of 2005 then "Take Out" did the film festival rounds and is now available for a limited time to watch online.

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"Take Out" - production stills

Justin Walker devouring a Chief Beef hot & spicy BBQ sandwich.

Daniel Roebuck as Puff Puff Tobacco CEO Fredo Holt, playing golf with Chief Beef CEO Irving Turk.

Writer/Director Seth Landau, who plays Zack Turk, is lassoed and in danger because of his editor at the Arizona Tribune, Tex Whitmire, played by Judd Omen.

Cast and crew watch dailies after a day of shooting on location in Phoenix, AZ.

Commando is one of several characters portrayed by Tom Noga.

Making a cameo appearance is the President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
Neil Giuliano (left foreground), playing a U.S. Senator.

Other featured players: Daniel Schweiger from "Free Enterprise" and "Bubba Ho-tep"

Brent Taylor from "Starkweather"

Keri Marrone

Chase Masterson Photos courtesy of Laura Durant Communications
May/June 2004

the film has been submitted to for consideration at: Sundance 2005
AFI 2005
HBO/Aspen 2005
New Directors/New Films (NYC), March 2006
SXSW (Austin), March 2006
Tribeca (NYC), April 2006
San Francisco, April 2006
Gen Art (NYC), April 2006
Seattle, May 2006
Cannes, May 2006
Los Angeles, June 2006
CineVegas, June 2006
Montreal comedy fest, July 2006
Telluride, Sept. 2006

First of its kind: Independent movie about a guy who eliminates chain restaurants.

(PRLEAP.COM) How ironic, or maybe not so ironic, that a new movie about a guy who eliminates chain restaurants because of health and corporate greed concerns, was written and directed by the relative of a famous CEO known for benevolence.

“Take Out” a comedy feature, has wrapped principal photography and is scheduled for completion by New Year’s. A spring, summer or fall 2005 release in theaters is planned.

First-time writer/director Seth Landau is the relative of Aaron Feuerstein, the chairman of Malden Mills in Lawrence, Mass. Mr. Feuerstein rocketed to fame after paying thousands of employees following the 1995 fire that destroyed his mills, founded by the family in early 1900s. To this day, Mr. Feuerstein is written about and celebrated for his heroics.

The title character in “Take Out” crusades to rid the world of chain restaurants because of the unhealthy food and rip-off prices, a script motivated by a particularly harrowing experience at a steak-house chain in Los Angeles attended by Mr. Landau several years ago.

“Take Out” stars Daniel Roebuck (“The Fugitive”, “Agent: Cody Banks” and “Bubba Ho-tep”), Justin Walker (“Clueless”) and Chase Masterson (TV’s Star Trek). It includes cameos from ABC’s “All American Girl” winner Jessica Felice and the Mayor of Tempe, Ariz., Neil Giuliano, in addition to a solid indie cast.

Writer/director Mr. Landau graduated from Arizona State University in 1998, and during his college years reported for the Phoenix media. After college he was awarded the prestigious writing fellowship offered by alternative newsweekly, New Times. Now based in Los Angeles, Mr. Landau shot the entire movie in Metro Phoenix.

With cutting-edge subject matter, high-powered soundtrack featuring some of the best up-and-coming Los Angeles bands and All-Star cast, “Take Out” will give audiences a moving experience they won’t forget.

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"Take Out" Production Updates        [IMDB]

Cast to date:

"Fredo Holt": Daniel Roebuck (Agent Cody Banks, U.S. Marshalls)

"Tex Whitmire": Judd Omen (Pee-wee's Big Adventure)

"Don Libishitz": Justin Walker (Clueless, Big Monster on Campus)

"Nat": Danny Zorn (Blast From the Past, I.Q., Billy Bathgate)

"Nicole": Chase Masterson (TV's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) 

"Amy": Yeni Alvarez (TV's Los Beltran, TV's Line of Fire and Judging Amy)

"Jeb Lemieux": Tom Noga (Tank Girl, Lethal Weapon)

"Jay": Brent Taylor (Starkweather, Detour)

"Zack Turk": Seth Landau (A.P.U.: Art, Pot & Underwear, Ted Bundy)

"Irving Turk": Ken Kolb (Ghost Town)

Daniel Schweiger (Free Enterprise, Bubba Ho-tep, Date or Disaster)

Scott Schwoch (A.P.U.: Art, Pot & Underwear)

"Connie": Keri Marrone (The Big Hustle)

Brooke Bagnato

"Jody Miller": Tori King (Love Hollywood Style)

Michelle Acuna (Parasite, Demon Slayer)

Jeff Duby (Night Without Justice, Sleep)

"Fred Dorfman": Mike Roemer (If I Had a Hammer, Winged)

"Manager Dan": Topher Straus (Krush, Date or Disaster)

Kevin Kleinberg (Power Rangers)

"Old CEO" aka "Mel 'The Cell' Kessler": Ace Ross


A guy eliminates chain restaurants.

DIRECTOR: Seth Landau (festival short film A.P.U.: Art, Pot and Underwear)

PRODUCERS: Janis Hansen, Ryan Baros, Seth Landau, Greg Robbins

SCRIPT: Seth Landau


LOCATION: Contemporary Phoenix, AZ

SHOOTING: Principal Photography - May 2004 - June 2004


Director of Photography - Vincent Pascoe

Sound Mixer - Tim McDonnell

Miscellaneous Crew:
Laura Alber - publicist 
Emily Weber - music supervisor

NOTES: Take Out, a media-heavy story, will feature many Arizona media luminaries in cameos: Scott Bordow, Kathy Murillo, Steve Doig (print), Bart Graves (radio), Linda Williams (TV) and others.


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