Highly Illogical: Spock's Greatest Hits

In 1993, Rev-ola / Creation Records of London, England released "Highly Illogical" the first Nimoy anthology available on Compact Disk.

There are glaring omissions from the collection, notably all of "Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space." This is indeed highly illogical, since Revola used the cover art from the orginal Dot recording, leading you to think that this is what you are getting.

On the other hand, if you already have the Varese Sarabande reissue of "Music from Outer Space", "Highly Illogical" makes a great companion collection, since no one really wants to see all of the Dot albums committed to digital anyway.

Some of the funnier tracks from the later Dot albums are also missing, particularly "Billy Don't Play the Banjo Anymore" and "The Hitchhiker" from "The Way I Feel," not to mention "Maiden Wine" from "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy".

A suggestion to future anthologists; skip the uneventful commercial material and concentrate on the songs written by Nimoy and his friends!

Track Listings

1. Highly Illogical
2. If I Had a Hammer
3. Difference Between Us
4. Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
5. Where It's At
6. Abraham, Martin & John
7. Contact
8. Nature Boy
9. Consilium
10. Everybody's Talkin'
11. Here We Go Round Again
12. Proud Mary
13. Once I Smiled
14. Both Sides Now
15. Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
16. I Walk the Line
17. Amphibious Assault
18. If I Was a Carpenter
19. Spock Thoughts
20. Love of the Common People

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