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When communication is cut off at an antarctica-based government outpost following a series of mysterious deaths, Captain Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner - The Relic and Star Trek TNG) and Major Callie Wilson (Chase Masterson - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) are sent to investigate.

Known as Ice Station Erebus, this center for environmental research is in fact being used as a front for illegal mining operations. they find a survivor, though terrified, recounts the events of the past 24 hours and shows them the grisly remains of a mining engineer.

Securing the main living quarters, Sam and Callie must seal off the mine level by level. as they descend the cavernous depths, they hear bone-chilling noises on the roof. The besieged group is baffled - no human could survive the sub-zero temperature outside.

Sensing that they are being stalked by a malevolent presence, Sam is convinced the whole place is a gateway to evil and they must escape at all costs.

Chase plays Major Callie Wilson, as a no-nonsense military officer trying to deal with the trouble at Ice Station Erebus in Antartica. Most of the research team is killed off and then the unsurvivable Antartic night falls, trapping the survivors in the main living quarters. What began as a simple investigation turns into a deadly battle against the forces of ultimate evil.
This is the third in a series of movies of similar title, all loosely based on Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back. It starts out out as a nonstop action story. Major Wilson and Captain Cage rappel out of a helicopter, and hit the ground running, both figuratively and literally. Problem is, about halfway through the film, the momentum stops dead, figuratively and literally, and never quite hits stride again. About the same time as the plot bogs down, Chase's character becomes less important. Coincidence? I think not!
It is noteworthy to mention that there are two strong female leads in this horror film, Chase and Faith Ford (playing the romantic interest/damsel in distress). Both characters are competent, capable, and handle themselves believably. In fact, Chase's character could have played by a man with no difference in how the character worked. Compare that with a horror film of yore, where the female cast was there exclusively for cleavage and victim status. perceptions have thankfully changed.

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