Sliders: Season's Greedings

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Quinn: "I spot this one tree that had been cut down already. Its branches were broken and twisted, the bottom was crooked, totally pathetic. Charlie Brown wouldn't even want this tree."

Kelly: "Who's Charlie Brown?"

Quinn: "This kid I grew up with."

The intrepid band of sliders land in a dimension that we all empathize with. It is nearly Christmas, and spending to excess at the mega mall is not only encouraged, it's mandatory. Those who can't pay are forced into a life as slaves in retail sales.

Chase plays slider Wade's sister, an inadvertant accomplice in an ugly tangled scheme of virtual slavery, instant credit and subliminal advertising. Can the sliders bring Wade and Kelly and their father back together? Can they restore the true meaning of the holiday season to the very epitome of greed and capitalism? Can they do so before the next slide?

It's a Christmas episode - what do you think?


Principal Cast

Review by David Goudsward.
Special thanks to Sam Thorp

Credit: Chase Masterson - Kelly Wells
Third Season: Episode 12
Originally broadcast: December 20, 1996

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