Sci-Fi Entertainment

Sci-Fi Entertainment, a weekly half-hour magazine series premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel on May 1, 1998. It was a replacement for Sci-Fi Buzz. Although touted as the replacement for Buzz, SFE was cut from an entirely different cloth. It was designed to be slicker and more encompassing. As such there was initially some difficulty in determining the timbre and scope of the program. After an uneven start, the producers discovered what Chasers knew all along - Chase Masterson's talent and dedication could carry the show without gratuitous cleavage and without co-host Scott Mantz. Unfortunately for Mantz, his duties gradually faded away. Chase Interviews Trek's Rene Echevarria

Reflecting the look of the new magazine of the same name, a balance on interviews, new releases, promotional material, and science fact all revolved around Chase's ability to seamlessly switch from one topic to another, whether it was computers or a retro look at an old SciFi classic. SFE hits its stride, but too late to save the show. In a classic example of shortsighted programming, show was removed from the SciFi Channel line at the end of the summer.

SFE July 1998

Review by David Goudsward.

Credit: Chase Masterson - Host

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