Sci-Fi Digital

“Sci-Fi Digital” brings you the latest news in the science fiction and fantasy worlds. This is THE source for timely reporting on new, upcoming feature films, television series, gaming, and web releases. We’ll bring you news on the latest theatrical releases, interviews with your favorite sci-fi actors, directors, and producers, and a let you in on a few spoilers for those of you who can’t get enough inside info. So, join us twice a month for everything sci-fi and touch of technology to boot.

Sci-Fi Digital, a bi-weekly 15 minute magazine series premiered on in July 2002. It features news about television and movies in Science Fiction.

The first episode featured Men in Black II and the TV premeire of The Dead Zone.

Chase is very energetic as she introduces each segment. One of the benefits of being an internet-based program is that websites are automatically linked on the page and you can instantly click on them for more information or to submit your favorite sci fi website to be featured on the program.

It has gotten off to a great start, let's hope the trend continues.

Sci-Fi Digital

Sci-Fi Digital Episode II:

Austin Powers: Goldmember
Eight Legged Freaks
Dragonfly DVD

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