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Official Press Release by American Cybercast

The Web's most popular science fiction adventure. An episodic program that began with the discovery that: We are not alone! The launch of EON-4 in May 1996, created an uproar on the Internet as audiences debated the reality of the United States Government having made contact with Extra-Terrestrials.

When the Earth first received a communication from a life form somewhere else in the Universe, the reaction by those who were priviliged to know of the contact was swift and secret: Project EON-4... a scientific team gathered in headquarters deep underground in Groom Lake, Nevada, and a space mission whose very existence was denied by the Pentagon, NASA and the FBI.

A science fiction adventure that melds the world of now with that of tomorrow, the EON-4 Project began with a simple, not unexpected discovery: We are not alone.

Unbeknownst to most of us, but suspected by many, the US governement was contacted several years ago by an intelligent race from another galaxy. Through mathematics-based messages, these strangers eventually gave us coordinates that would enable us to send physical matter through a time/space wormhole (RBNN). In response, NASA set up the EON-4 Project and launched through the RBNN a team of three explorers to search Sentient space and learn about the Sentient civilization.

During transport, one of the team mysteriously died and the others disappeared within six months. Now a new Explorer Team is preparing to travel to the alien galaxy, with the primary mission of discovering what occured out there-- and why the first team from Earth went missing.

In the Sentient galaxy, the three new space explorers-- Donovan, ex-Naval Intelligence officier; Kat, a high-tech expert; and Trace, a young cultural anthropologist-- will join forces with descendants of humans abducted from Earth more than a century before. Together they will embark on the challenge to unravel the mystery of the first team's disappearance. Their quest will take them into a series of incredible encounters and awesome adventures.

Dedicated to thwarting the mission, for reasons unknown to Earth is a fiendish race of super-evolved mechanical beings that have immortality but no souls.

Meanwhile back on Earth the EON-4 Project is reclassified as top secret for national security reasons, and mission control distributes mis-information about the fate of the missing explorers.

Cam Fletcher, a radio astronomer and outside consultant to the EON-4 Project, learns from a clandestine stranger that the government is involved in a cover-up. He embarks on a globe-trotting, Indiana Jones-type investigation to discover for himself what dark influence aliens have had on earth-- perhaps for centuries.


Commander Christian Donovan (played by Kevin Light) A former Naval Intelligence officier with a distinguished career since his academy days at Annapolis, the 32 year old Donovan commands the Explorer Team Two, Search and Rescue Mission into Sentient space. A straight shooter with a low tolerance for bullshit, he's a man to be reckoned with. Bring him over to your side, or prepare to lose.

Katherine (Kat) McKenna (played by Chase Masterson) Second in Command, Kat is the team's high technology expert. At 27, with a backround in artifical intelligence and psychology, she can analyze alien technology and alien lifeforms swiftly and accurately. It gives her incredible confidence, but not attitude. Charming, svelte and alluring, she also has a passion for games of chance.

Thomas E. (Trace) Montgomery III (played by Brad Rowe) Whiz-kid cultural anthropologist who earned his Ph.D. from Oxford at 22, Trace is a late addition to Explorer Team Two. He's the son of ultra-famous anthropologists, and consequently was raised "in the field" among dozens of different exotic cultures. Analyzing and interpreting them is second nature to him. At 24, he is anxious to go where his world-reowned parents have never been: outer space.

Captain Fhalonn (played by Christopher Pickett) A descendant of an abducted Earthling, Starship Captain Fhalonn is one of the few non-Sentients to achieve rank in the Sentient Fleet. He's also the youngest. He has risen through the ranks by being a bit of a comboy-- he likes to figure things out for himself, and fix them himself. Because he is a superb problem solver with a cool head under pressure, the Sentient High Command is willing to forgive a few of his more "individualistic" actions.

Lieutenant Ar'wyn (played by Colette O'Connell) Second in command of a Starship, Ar'wyn is a dedicated and highly proficent officer. Trained in the sciences and combat, she is efficient and unemotional in the execution of her duties. Her identity is wrapped up in her position, rank and function. If she could not serve as a soldier-scientist, she would not have a purpose. Her emotional side, however, is completely undeveloped. Descended, like Flalonn, from human beings abducted nearly a century ago, she has been raised in Sentient society, which discourages emotional display.

Cameron (Cam) Fletcher (played by Greg Wrangler) A radio astromomer, Cam was an outside consultant to the EON-4 Project from the inception through the launch of Explorer Team One. He now runs a SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) listening post in Secora, New Mexico. An old friend of John Lange, a team member of the Explorer Team One, Cam loses contact with EON-4 when the Groom Lake, headquarters mysteriously goes dark. He determines to uncover the truth behind Groom's Lake's activities and John's strange disappearance.

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