In a Moment of Passion

Chase plays stuntwoman/aspiring actress Tammy Brandon, who is sent to Germany to teach Werner Soehnen, an up and coming actor how to ride a horse for his next movie. Unbeknownst to her, Werner has been dispatched by his body double and lackey, Victor Brandt. Victor, masquerading as Werner, arrives at the estate and begins methodically murdering anyone who might uncover his masquerade. Over the warnings of her increasingly suspicious friend Greta, Tammy becomes romantically involved with "Werner."

As thunderstorms rock the German countryside, events rapidly spiral toward to a point where Tammy must choose between making her dreams of stardom come true, or risk becoming the next victim in an increasingly long line...

Principal Cast
Chase Masterson (Tammy Brandon)
Maxwell Caulfield (Victor Brandt)
Vivian Schilling (Crista Kelly)
Julie Araskog (Greta Hoffmeier)
Joe Estevez (Frederick Walther)
Robert Z'Dar (Fritz Brumbacher)
Stefanie Sergakis (Adriana Rossi)
Lonnie Quinn (Jack Sperling)
Jeff Conaway (Werner Soehnen)

Review by David Goudsward.

Movie Credits include "Introducing Chase Masterson"
100 minutes
Rated R

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