Sprinkle the Infield

SPRINKLE THE INFIELD, Feature Film. PRODUCERS, Chase Masterson, Mary Todhunter

Official Website: RBI Pictures

Shoot Dates: Spring, 2007 (in New Orleans & Chicago).

STORY: In Chicago, 16' softball is practically a religion. This game will leave in its wake, broken dreams, hearts and quite often, bones. Purists believe it should be played barehanded, as first intended.

The "Mutts,' a ragtag team of players with braces on their knees, swollen ankles and gnarled fingers are the only team playing the game the way it was meant to be. They seek one, last shot at the National Championship. Led by their captain and pitcher, Father Joe Demko, a renegade Jesuit priest, this collection of true-to-life characters try to defy the odds and the three hundred glove-wearing teams in their quest for glory. Their greatest obstacle comes as Demko's nemesis, "Monty" Montgomery, a vindictive nightclub owner and softballer extraordinaire. The vengeful Monty vows to destroy Demko's team and humiliate songstress Mary Pat (Demko's friend and their mutual ex-flame).

Good vs. Evil, Substance vs. Greed and Demko vs. Monty. The "Mutts" individual stories involving the many loved ones (and adversaries) in their lives are filled with humor, pathos and a great deal of determination.

Lloyd 'Monty' Montgomery: Late 40's - 50's, Caucasian, handsome, wealthy, entrepreneur and great ballplayer. His team, 'Pedigree' is the gold standard. He's a former teammate of Demko, Tippy & Turk. After being dumped by Mary Pat for Demko years ago, he's driven by revenge to destroy Demko, his team and Mary Pat. He is evil incarnate.

Turk McGrath: 50's, Caucasian. Demko's best friend & teammate. He's an ex-prizefighter & hall of fame ball player who instills fear in his foes & friends alike. Tough as nails & cynical, he opens up only to Demko. Has clashes with Fr. Maguire & the church in general. His compassion and humanity comes through at the very end.

Kate Wabash: Late 30's-Late 40's, Caucasian. She's Mary Pat's best friend and die-hard 'Mutts' fan. Attractive and flirtatious, she's a Chicago public defender who will work around her career for love of the game.

Mary Pat Carey: Late 40's, Caucasian. A lounge singer still looking for a break, she's loved by all & adores the 'Mutts'. Having dated Demko years ago in his secular life, she's respectful of his priesthood but still carries a torch for him. She's a bit ditsy, but in a sincere & innocent way.

Father Harold White: Late 40's-50's, African-American, 6'5". A priest at St. John's. A close friend, he sticks his neck out for Demko once too often. After witnessing Demko's pain, he tries to get him to follow other pursuits. He's introduced to the "game" and does a 180-degree turn. Athletic ability a must.

Lefty: 60's-70's. Mary Pat & Archie's uncle & Manager of the 'Mutts'. He's an old school, hard-nosed softball wizard & Chicagoan to the bone. Believes in "his boys" but realizes they're probably too old for the task at hand.

Archie Carey: 20's. Mary Pat's brother and journeyman player with the Mutts. Still trying to find his direction, his priorities are skewed. An aspiring actor, he puts his career and marriage in jeopardy because of the "game".

Sarah Carey: 20's. Archie's VERY English wife. She takes a dim view of Archie's preoccupation with the game and just doesn't get the obsession. She has issues with Demko and the Mutts. Fluent in sign language, she becomes Pappy's interpreter.

Joann Leseur, a diva. Owner of 'Joann's' bar and sponsor of the Mutts. Hard drinking, cursing & smoking businesswoman. She cares deeply for Mary Pat and her concerns. Under the gruff exterior is a gruff but caring interior.

Sister Celeste: Mother Superior at St. John's. A strict taskmaster. She takes a dim view of Demko's drinking, ball playing and overall methods. She eventually softens.

Tippy Dye: 40's-50's. A 6ft. fireplug, A veterinarian and the third baseman for the Mutts. Articulate & caring. He's rough and tough and hard to bluff. One of Demko's oldest friends, he's part of the old guard.

Father Martin Maguire: 30's. Pastor of St. John's. An idealistic priest from Belfast, Ireland, he's frequently at odds with Demko and Turk. Comes to admire the game and understand the passion for it.

Pappy: 65+. Homeless wino. Gets on his feet with help from Demko & Turk. A mute, signs with Sarah and becomes a Mutt coach and close friend of Lefty's.

Tony Grasso: 40's, Player for the Mutts, gives 110% but has a volatile personality. He eventually loses his job because of the "game".

Spider Marks: 40's. Tony's best friend & teammate. Good ball player, but thinks he's better than he really is. He and Tony constantly exchange barbs.

Cy: 40's-50's. Right hand to Monty. Smart & articulate. Loyal to Monty but leery of his ethics. Grows to admire the Mutts and comes to their aid in the tournament.

Barstow: 20's-40's. Monty's left-hand man. Devoted to Monty and wants to be part of his empire but constantly out of favor.

Dix: 20's-30's. Outfielder for the Mutts. Wants to win so badly, he'd sell out. Thinks this tournament might be his last chance for a championship and doesn't see it happening with the Mutts. Does an about face later and comes to his senses.

Anna: Polish housekeeper at St. John's. She knows where all the bodies are buried.

MR. B.: A bookie right out of central casting. He'd take bets on the weather. With the Mutts such an underdog, figures he can make a killing on this tournament and retire...If they win;

Trish: 20's. Bartender at Joann's. Pretty, outgoing and enjoys the hell out of the "Mutts". However, under Joann's tutelage, she takes no guff;

Tom 'Klu' Klewzewski: 30's, Caucasian, The huge & muscular catcher has given his all for the Mutts...but not enough for Lefty or Kate. He tells them he can't play in Nationals because of work...big mistake. Supporting;

Michelle: 20's, any ethnicity. Klu's wife. She shares her husband's passion for the Mutts, but must be the practical one in the family;

Bernie: Open age & ethnicity, a weasel. Turk's dishonest former fight manager.

Note: The following roles are all open to age and ethnicity unless specified -

Ed: Coordinator of halfway house;

Ruby: Hooker & a regular at the halfway house;

Jack Cain: Ignorant homophobe. Brings son in for baptism & has run-in with Fr. White;

Norma Cain: Good woman, embarrassed for her husband;

Bishop McNamara: Tall, white haired disciplinarian;

Misfit Coach: Grizzled & pissed; Misfit #1: Tough, angry ballplayer;

Husband (In Church): Enjoys Demko's sermons & ball playing much to his wife's chagrin;

Robert Breuhler: 50's, Caucasian. Very large man & artistic director of Steppenwolf Theatre;

Worker: Tony's co-worker on a Sun-Times newspaper truck;

Regulars 1 & 2: They couldn't be more comfortable at the bar;

Friend: Bernie's pal. Fears & admires Turk;

Umpire: Authoritative, no nonsense;

Salesman: Liquor salesman who witnesses Monty's ire;

Man (In Confessional): He gets unusual penance from Demko;

Umpire: Handles money game;

Old Lady (In Church): Sweet. Chastises Demko for his tardiness;

Receptionist: 20's, beautiful. Works for music producer, Doug James;

Musician: Works for Monty. Breaks bad news to Mary Pat that she's not singing;

Mission Woman: Director of a Mission, appreciates Demko's work;

Catcher: Thick necked Pedigree player. He busts Dix's balls;

Gary Reade: A mountain of a man. Pedigree's primo player;

Lawyer: Informs Kate her team's out of the tournament;

Roy Mikan: 60's, Caucasian. Mike Royko type columnist & avid promoter of the 'game." He helps the Mutts get back into the tourney;

George Poulos: An Official for Chicago Park District & tournament. He tries to dissuade Mutts from the tourney but inwardly roots for them;

Officials 1 & 2: Tournament officials who demand Poulos 'take care of it';

Anchorman TV: Personality. Must have good voice;

Sgt. Carroll: Police Officer & Manager of 'Chicago's Finest";

Gold Player: Nasty. Puts fear of God into Spider and Tony;

Paramedic: Tends to Demko's knee;

Young Boy: Brings note to Demko on how to pitch to Reade;

Pedigree Player: He's amazed at Demko's constitution;

Doug James: Handsome, hot shot, music producer. He's conned by Demko to help out Mary Pat;

Young Priest: Brings telegram to Demko a day late. Because he wouldn't miss the "game";

Umpire: Umps championship game.

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