Acapulco HEAT: "Phantom"

Acapulco HEAT is sort of a hybrid. Think of Charlie's Angels meets Baywatch: A little gunplay, a little plot, a lot of swimsuit (I'm not saying this like it's a good thing).

The Hemisphere Emergency Action Team is called to the set of a movie at the request of an old friend. Someone is sabatoging the set and endangering the cast - Sets collapse, real bullets replace blanks and the target appears to be production rather than a person.

Chase plays Gwen, a member of the cast who barely escapes the aforemntioned real-bullets-replacing-the-blanks trick.

Season 2, Episode 24 (1995)

This series did not fare well in the US syndicated markets. The cast was reworked, including the elimination of Fabio's Claudio character (gasp!). However, the second Season of Acapulco HEAT was not originally picked up in US markets. It has, however begun running in the US syndication markets.

Review by David Goudsward.
Special thanks to Gary Diana
Special Thanks to Andreas Koether

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