1995: On Chase's very first day (1995) on the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she was in the trailer where the hairstyling takes place. She had been in the trailer with Avery Brooks, and as she was leaving, she said good-bye. He replied, "See you later, Kathy."

Having just been introduced, Chase assumed it was a simple mistake and shrugged it off. But it kept happening, Chase was hesitant to correct the star of the show, who obviously has her mistaken for someone else.

Finally, Chase gathered her courage and told Avery that her name was Chase, not Kathy. Avery gave her that wolfish grin and replied that her name was Kathy -- just like on that Nordic Track informercial she had done a few years ago.

Chase was mortified - first that anyone would be up at 2 am surfing the infomercials often enough to have seen and remember a particular one, let alone Avery Brooks. And doubly mortified to think that while some people might see her on a prime time show, the whole world could see her in her "very first job ever."


These wonderful pics from Star Trek Interactive

Review by David Goudsward.
Special thanks to Gary Diana
Special Thanks to Andreas Koether

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