Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes

“Starship Farragut is a series of fan films centered around Capt John Carter and the crew of the USS Farragut. They have ventured out into producing animated episodes in the style of the 1970's Filmation Star Trek series.

The first episode "Power Source" guest stars Chase Masterson and Chris Doohan (son of Jimmy).

NEO f/x (in association with Farragut Films) is releasing two very special episodes of Starship Farragut. Based on the original Star Trek animated series, the animated episodes will have the same look and feel that were loved and enjoyed in the 70's, but are being created using 21st century technology.

In addition to the fan-series regulars John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Holly Bednar and Paul R. Sieber, Farragut features the voices of Tim Russ, Chase Masterson, Chris Doohan and many more lending their voices to these episodes.


Michael Struck
NEO f/x

Chase is playing "Shelia Johnson" in Power Source as well as a nurse in sickbay.

Doohan is playing many of the characters his father played in TAS, including Thelin.

The next episode, "The Needs of the Many," will feature Chase as Carmen Renata and is about the Farragut taking on a special visitor as they return to Cestus III, the site where Kirk and the Gorn fought on stardate 3045.6. As fate would have it, Carter and crew encounter the same rogue Gorn, looking for revenge against the Federation. Time will NOT be on Farragut's side for this episode.

Download episodes at their website

or you can watch you tube versions right here:

Power Source part 1

Chris Doohan with Chase and producer Michael Struck

NEO f/x is producing the series along with Kail Tescar who created

Now thanks to Kail, you too can be drawn in the style of Star Trek Animated. Visit his link on our site for all the details. The pictures shown here were based on the photo with the phaser shown here.

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