Digital Man

A military plane crashes in a small town near an abandoned military base. The sole survivor is a robotic warrior, programmed to kill. An elite military squad is dispatched to intercept and destroy the robot.

As the squad is picked off one by one, they discover that at least one of their own is also a robot. So, beneath the sweltering western sun, they battle their foe and their suspicions.

This is not a good movie. The plot is a mishmash of bits stolen from Aliens, RoboCop and Terminator. Special effects range from cheesy to predictable, and the acting is tediously bad.

Chase, on the other hand, is a delight, as local redneck trailer trash. Along with Don Swayze (Patrick’s younger brother), Chase cuts loose and chews on the scenery as Billy and Susie, local yokels caught in the middle of the war zone. In a movie suffocating under it's own ponderous gait, Chase's over the top performance is a breath of fresh air.

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European Video Case

Reviews by David Goudsward

Credit: Chase Masterson - Susie

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