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Starring Chase Masterson

Chase filmed a project called Digi Girl in March 2000. It was a multiple number of things. First it was an online comic book, and it was to be a movie. She went into production in March 2000 and actually filmed a large part of SFX shots as well as the trailers seen here..

See below for a unique behind-the-scenes look at the Making of Digigirl.

Our thanks to John Nelson at
and the folks at Z-Up Productions for these great shots.

Movie Promo | Theme Song

DigiComix released a Quicktime Promo

...From John E. Nelson

Digi Girl and Update: May 28, 2000

In promotions for the Dragon Con convention Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9) will be appearing in TV commercials broadcast in five major markets. She will be identifing herself as Digi Girl! Also, all attendees (estimated to be in excesss of 20-30,000 fans) will be receiving flyers advertising the Digi Girl and franchise. Chase will be signing a special edition 8x10 glossy photo of her as Digi Girl for her fans (she will be selling it of course.) The photo will be the image we used at the SXSW2000 (South by Southwest Film and Media Festival at Austin, TX) a few months ago. It was also used at the Geek & Guru 2000 pageant (as seen on Entertainment Tonight.) We may be exhibiting at a booth or an electronic kiosk as well.

I will be attending the Licensing Expo 2000 this year, talking to several companies that have contacted me in the past. Digi Girl could become a hot property very soon.

I have been contacted recently by several online movie sites including So I may be developing more sci-fi entertainment content for the internet right here in St. Louis! I will keep everyone informed as the "production talks" move forward. will be going through a major update in the next few weeks. Also there is now a new business strategy for the online comic book market. We will keep you informed as we develop our own custom technology!

If anyone has any questions for me, please email me, or call me at (314) 409-2240.

John Nelson
N Communications Inc.

Our thanks to John Nelson from N Communications Inc. for providing us with screen shots from the comix.

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