David Reddick is the world-renowned cartoonist who created "The Trek Life" for He is a self-proclaimed geeky fan boy and in our opinion he has an unhealthy obsession with green... or is that just green girls?

Now for a messge directly from the artiste himself:

"Hello, my fellow Chase fans and peaceful purveyors of Trekkian Humanity! I wanted to thank Stompy for helping me out with this page (um, ok, actually, for BUILDING the page and making it happen!!). Stompy's a great friend and truly one of the good ones.

When I go to conventions around the country, I always offer to do caricatures at my table, which I've noted have become very popular when I'm there, as I will always offer to draw someone as their favorite Trek alien (any alien!) or put them in their favorite Trek uniform (any era). I draw them in my "Trek Life" style, and they're always a big hit (and tons of fun for me), and I'd like to throw the same offer out to you, via Stompy's excellent offer!

All I need is a photo or two of yourself sent via e-mail to me (or, even of a Trekker friend or family member), your name, address to mail it to, and I'll also need to know what you'd like to be drawn as, indicating specific era and colors if you wish to be drawn in a Starfleet uniform. Always wanted to be assimilated as a borg? Have a taste for bloodwine and gagh? Think you have what it takes to be a Talosian? Andorian blood run through your veins? Then you shall have it!

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you, my friends!"

Yours in Trek,


David has offered to create custom artwork for Chasers. Send him a photo or scan and he'll put you into your favorite Trek scene and era.

Available in hand drawn sharpie or 21st Century duotronic processing-the choice is yours-live the dream!

    Available in either format:

  • Sharpie and Pencil Crayon
  • Computer Artwork
  • Cost: $50
  • style

REDDICK David slaving away in his studio...

Once you order your artwork Dave will personally contact you to get a photo and understand what you want your final product to look like. Turnaround is usually within 2 weeks.

Make your friends GREEN with envy! Get yours today.

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