Advanced Warriors

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advanced warriors Advanced Warriors is a fully interactive live action movie. You follow the path of Rachael (Rebecca Nichols) and Marshall (John Carrigan) who have been abducted from earth and forced to fight in a different universe.

As a viewer you watch the story unfold and make choices at key moments to decide what happens next. With everything pre-filmed, unlike other interactive stories, you donít have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Advanced Warriors has a possible 15 different endings, numerous different routes but only one true path to complete, this gives the user a unique movie experience.

Producers LightWorX have combined the latest in compression techniques with an action interactive movie that will work on a standard 56k modem and give almost real time video streaming.

Advanced Warriors is one of the most groundbreaking projects in a long time. The concept of interactive entertainment in a live action format is incredible. Chase was drawn to the project by the technology, the new ideas and the director.

Chase plays Imogene, she has a wonderful suit and Chase love's wearing it! Itís a black shiny cat suit thing and not at all bad!

Imogene starts out as a kind of dorky virtual reality programmer, programming virtual uplinks to the ISS4, so Imogene is from the future until she is beamed through a vortex and popped into the year 2001 and in a brand new form, which includes her cat suit and few other minor adjustments! So Imogene is pleased with her suit and all the things it can do, not to mention her new body!

Provided by Ruth Thomas

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