Chase has just wrapped production on "Deep Space Explorer", a new CD ROM from Chase returns to her special love of the Universe, giving voice to the Intelligent Agent who narrates over 75 minutes of multimedia elements with "Deep Space Explorer." The product brings cosmology and deep sky astronomy down to Earth or onto the desktop or laptop of any Windows or Mac user.

"My character here is ageless; simultaneously very wise and extremely playful," said Chase. "We created the Intelligent Agent as a way for the Universe to, in effect, explain itself to users of Deep Space Explorer. It's voice ranges widely from eternally warm and motherly to that of a puckish, smart-alecky computer".

"Deep Space Explorer" is based in large part on the work of astronomer and cosmologist Brent Tully of the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy. Dr. Tully has been cataloging the motions and make-up of galaxies since 1974. Tully appears frequently within "Deep Space Explorer" to reveal astonishing new details about the fabric and functioning of the Universe.

"Deep Space Explorer" gives users the keys to a powerful starship, allowing them to navigate anywhere within 700 million light years of Earth among Tully's data-set of 28,000 actual galaxies; each in its correct position and each with an accurate dossier describing its behavior.

Using it's unique multimedia environment, "Deep Space Explorer" illuminates the science behind Black Holes, Colliding Galaxies, powerful Quasars, Gravitational Lenses, mysterious Dark Energy and Dark Matter, New Planet Systems that could be homes for Extra-Terrestrial life, Pulsating Stars and Supernovae, the foamy Structure of Intergalactic Space, the Origin and runaway Expansion of the Universe, and many other fascinating phenomenon of astrophysics.
Our thanks to DAVE BRODY at for the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of DSE.

December 2001:'s new TV commercial featuring a voice-over by Chase is now running all over the US (21 stations). Chase fans can see it anytime online by clicking the picture below:

Chase has also just completed a new radio interview with David and Wendy Levy

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